Complexion Reduction-Current Mobile Design Trend

Over the last several months, some of the leaders of innovative design have taken “minimal design” to the next level. Facebook, Airbnb and Apple have followed a similar blueprint to simplify prominent products in a way that reflects this new trend of “Complexion Reduction” in mobile design.

I am using few complexion reduction techniques and recreating one of my old( not so old) design.


I have applied following design changes to achieve the same

  1. Remove Color. Well okay, you can have one color, but use it extremely sparingly to indicate action. Everything else better be black and white. Let the content of your app bring the color.
  2. Bigger, Bolder, Blacker Headlines. You see that headline there? Bump it up about 20 to 30 pixels and make it HEAVY.
  3. Simple, Thin, Recognizable Icons. Your icons better be universal and no color allowed here either. And if you want bonus points order them left to right in this way: home, search, primary action, secondary action, profile.
  4. Diffused card shadows-tweak the material card shadows a little.
  5. Double, NO, Triple your White Space. Maybe even quadruple it. You really can’t go wrong here.
  6. Make your App Icon Brighter. If you are fiending to design something with flash and color, make it the app icon. This is where you put your personality and brand. And make it stand out!

The final outcome becomes


Hope you like the post.

Happy Designing :-)